WAY HUGE Blue Hippo Analog Chorus


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The Blue Rhino is more versatile than ever in the MkIII — part of the Way Huge Smalls series of reduced-size stompboxes. This analog BBD-driven mod box packs all the mojo of the MkIII into its smaller frame, and then some. The chorus section is Way Huge mastermind Jeorge Tripps’ take on an iconic blue-boxed chorus, best known for its liquidy ’80s textures and juicy, whirling Leslie approximations. With the flip of a switch, the Blue Rhino MkIII becomes a competent little vibrato box, delivering tape-like seasickness at extreme settings and a subtler bounce dialed back past 2:00. Simple Speed and Depth knobs provide all the control you need for each setting, with a blinking blue LED to indicate rate at a glance. In addition to the vibrato switch, an added boon is the MkIII’s true hardwire bypass switching, which better preserves the integrity of your signal when disengaged.